Benedetta Tagliabue Miralles


Benedetta Tagliabue Miralles born in Milan, she studied in both Venice and New York and in 1989 graduated from IUAV (Faculty of Architecture of the University of Venice). In 1991 she and Enric Miralles set up Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue EMBTArchitetti Associati, an international firm of young architects with head office in Barcelona.

EMBT’s work has been the subject-matter of international prizes, exhibitions and publications. The many projects and designs that have been accomplished or are in progress and which have won acclaim include the Park of the Colours in Mollet del Vallès (FAD 2002) and the Parco Diagonal Mar in Barcelona (FAD opinione 2003), the Municipality of Utrecht in Holland (Rietveld 2001 and Nederlandse Bouwprijs 2000), La Clota house in Barcelona (FAD and City of Barcelona, 2000), Pergole in the Olympic Village at Icaria, Barcelona (Década-Tusquets Prize 2002), the headquarters of the Reading Circle in Madrid (Madrid City Prize 1993). In the design sphere their Banco Lungomare for Escofet won the gold medal of the FAD Design 2001 Prize.

The piece of jewellery “La Joya Aplastada: Rambla” is the first design in silver for Benedetta and her office. “Working together with my team, in this case the women, has been, as always, fundamental for achieving this result. Acknowledgments to Elena Rocchi, Beatriz Minguez, Annie Cown and to Domenec Caterina Miralles for having invented the name.”

photo: Yoshie Nishikawa