Matali Crasset


Matali Crasset is born in 1965, graduated at E.N.S.C.I. (École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle) in Paris where she specializes in industrial design. After some cooperations with Denis Santachiara (Italy) and Philippe Starck (France) she recovers an old typolithography in the heart of Belleville (Paris) and creates her studio. In this space surrounded by children and by many persons of the neighbourhood she livens her works.

Matali Crasset, as an expert investigator of new sceneries of life, teams up with various persons: manufactures wishing to experiment, hotel-keepers willing to create new ideas of lodgings (Hi Hotel in Nizza), a small farmer-community ready to promote her social and cultural dynamism, museums wishing to renew (SM’s Stedelijk Museum’s-Hertogenbosch, Holland). Always searching new spaces to be explored, Matali Crasset places her experience at disposal in the most dissimilar ambits: from handicraft to electronic music, from textile industry to fair and solid market and realizes various plans aimed at scenography, furnishings , architecture and graphic design.

She created SELF LOOP for San Lorenzo, a chain with a double pressure clasp closure, seen not as a support for attaching pendants but as an ornament in itself. Archetypal links that are innovative in the way join together, whereby the interlacery can be extended at will, as if it were the thread of affection that unravels for generation. Matali sees a family tie in jewellery. It is inherited, passed down from mother to daughter, from grandmother to niece.

photo: Yoshie Nishikawa